Kogi government reveals why no COVID 19 test are carried out in the state

The Kogi government on Wednesday explained that it suspended testing for COVID-19 so as to put in a bio safety cabinet at its laboratory.
This it said was consequent upon knowledgeable advice and therefore the got to protect doctors within the state.
The government also involved calm over claims it’s not completing enough tests on people, on justify the position that it’s yet to record any positive case of the Coronavirus disease.
It would be recalled that the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), had during a published report on Tuesday, revealed that just one sample has thus far been received from the state, which returned negative.
The state Commissioner for Health, Dr Saka Haruna, during a statement on Wednesday, said the government remained committed to fighting COVID-19.
Dr Saka Haruna said: “It is additionally important that we dismiss the notion that we aren’t inclined towards testing for the virus. What then are going to be the utilization of procuring over 5,000 test kits worth several tens of many naira? we’ve never been known within the past to be complacent with the lifetime of our people and that we won’t be found wanting at such a critical time. This, we will assure all Kogites.
“After our initial wave of testing, we received professional advice from our laboratory scientists, on the urgent got to install a biosafety cabinet for his or her own safety, albeit all those that are tested thus far returned negative. Our duty is to guard the lives of everyone, including our health workers; thus necessitating our temporary suspension of testing for 3 days, till the requested biosafety cabinet was provided. We are happy to tell you that it’s now been installed and testing will resume shortly.”
According to him, the general public should be rest assured that the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, will still make the health of the people a priority.
“Despite the pandemic and dwindling fortunes of all states within the Country, construction and equipping of Health facilities worth Billions of Naira are ongoing across the state within the three Senatorial Districts. this is often a pointer to the very fact that we shall revamp the Health sector,” he added.
He further noted that everybody can attest to the very fact that the rot within the health sector has been exposed by the Coronavirus disease across the country.
“It is therefore our resolve to form sure that eventually people will have access to quality and affordable health care services that they will be proud of”, Haruna said.

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