COVID 19: CCECC reveals whereabouts and duties of Chinese doctors in Nigeria

The company that sponsored the journey of the Chinese “medical doctors” to Nigeria, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), has offer additional explanation of their journey.
CCECC said the team has been concentrating only on assigned responsibilities in Nigeria.
The firm said this during a statement posted on its Twitter page on Friday.
It explained that the doctors weren’t treating Nigerians positive for coronavirus.
CCECC said the team has assisted in fixing isolation centres and has provided medical support and training to its staff.
The statement said after a 14-day quarantine and necessary tests, the medical team has been completing its “assigned mission”.
“The medical personnel are in Nigeria at the instance of CCECC Nigeria and that they are in the least times under the care and accommodation of CCECC. During their stay in Nigeria, they need complied with all known immigration and health protocols.”
“The mandate of the team, as mutually agreed with all stakeholders, does not cover treatment of COVID-19 cases”. The company echoed
It said in handling both the CCECC and therefore the Nigerian health officials, the doctors only play an advisory role.


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